Sunergon is a leader among oil and gas exploration and production companies.

Sunergon is a leader in the oil-an-gas-exploration-and-production field. This business division handles our upstream operations including searching for underground resources, developing wells and producing oil and gas. Our over 20 years of experience combined with our comprehensive portfolio of solutions place us at the head of the pack for oil and gas exploration and production companies.

What Are Oil Exploration Companies?

Oil exploration is one of the earliest stages in the production process. It is the search for hydrocarbons under the ground. We apply technology, our expertise and geophysical prospecting to find deposits.

Oil and Gas production

Production is the process of developing wells and extracting oil and gas from them. It also involves separating non-saleable components. For natural gas, production also involves on-site refining. Crude oil can then be transported to a refinery for processing.

Why Choose Sunergon?

This division offers services to clients and operates the group’s oil assets.

Among the services offered are:

  • Applied Geophysics
  • Data mining
  • Reservoir Development
  • Drilling and Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Optimization and Incremental Production
  • Installation and Operation of Surface Facilities
  • New Technologies
  • Equipment

Under the Oil Exploration and Production Division, SUNERGON GROUP established a company that owns the oil assets: SUNERGON GROUP OIL TEXAS CORPORATION, and an operating company: SUNERGON OIL OPERATING, LLC.

As part of its expansion plans, SUNERGON GROUP began to invest in oil assets in the Permian basin, West Texas, on December 2018. The Company purchased its first oil asset in Loving County, Texas.

On May 2019, the second oil asset was purchased, located in Andrews county, Permian basin, Texas.

SUNERGON GROUP is currently analyzing and negotiating other fields to expand its oil operations in the US.

Our Services

As integral solutions specialists, we don’t limit our services to one specific task. Rather, we approach our clients’ needs holistically. To this end, we offer a range of services, including the following.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Our engineering, procurement and construction unit is your source for comprehensive industrial construction services.


This business unit handles our upstream operations including searching for underground resources, developing wells and producing unrefined oil and gas.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO)

For heavy industry businesses like oil and gas refineries MRO is especially critical. In these circumstances, proper maintenance not only impacts operational uptime but also personnel safety.

Supply Chain Management

Developing oil and gas supply chain solutions is imperative, but without the right strategies, you may be expending funds and resources unnecessarily.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Our team of professionals supports all the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment and materials to ensure compliance with project specifications.


Sunergon is working to bring principles of environmental stewardship to our clients handling natural resources.
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