Sunergon’s industrial maintenance contractors are the best team to handle your business’ maintenance, repairs and operations.

Your equipment and facilities are at the center of your operations. Consequently, maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) is essential to your business’ success. Sunergon’s industrial maintenance contractors can help your business improve uptime, equipment effective and operational consistency through a carefully planned and executed MRO strategy.

MRO in Heavy Industry

For heavy industry businesses like oil and gas refineries MRO is especially critical. In these circumstances, proper maintenance not only impacts operational uptime but also personnel safety. Our services are carefully integrated into your business operations to help us ensure that your equipment and facilities are always operating at the best possible level of performance. Our MRO services include:

  • Operational reliability services
  • Static and rotating equipment
  • Execution of turnarounds
  • Specialized industrial maintenance
  • Calibration of mechanical, safety and control valves
  • MRO for industrial machinery
  • Industrial chimney maintenance
  • Road repair

From gas burners to piping to control equipment, we help you maintain all the essential equipment for heavy industry. You can count on our certified and experienced team to ensure your MRO success.

The Company offers the following services

  • Maintenance and repair of static and rotating equipment
  • Maintenance and calibration of mechanical, safety and control valves
  • Maintenance and repair of gas burners
  • Maintenance and repair of boilers
  • Maintenance and repair of furnaces
  • Maintenance and repair of heat exchangers for Gas Compression Systems (LNG)
  • Maintenance of electrical Instrumentation
  • Repair of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) pipes
  • Repair of thermal insulation
  • Maintenance and repair of Industrial chimneys
  • Rectification of all types of flanges
  • Repair of expansion joints diameters up to 60″
  • Maintenance and repair of conveyors systems
  • Repair and Maintenance of Stripper (Vertical Separator).
  • Maintenance and repair of Cooling Towers
  • Pressure water cleaning of heat exchangers and Air coolers using the latest technology and automated equipment
  • Services of Operation and Control for production units
  • Repair of Mechanical Arms
  • Repair of springs and piloting
  • Maintenance and repair of fire protection systems networks
  • Maintenance and repair of steam tracing systems
  • Maintenance and repair during Major Plant Turnarounds
  • Reliability and Tribological Maintenance
  • Diagnostic and tribological audit.
  • Tribology and production reliability programs.
  • Lubricant analysis.
  • Control of lubricants consumption and indicators.
  • Management of installation of oil conditioners.
  • Flange bolting and torqueing
  • Installation of special coatings
  • Demolitions of concrete and structural steel
  • Scaffolding services: supply and installation (conventional and cup-lock)
  • Supply, transport and placement of refractories
  • Installation of corrosion inhibitor injection systems
  • Prefabrication, installation of carbon steel pipes and alloy steels
  • We provide cranes and crane services (440, 275, 115 y 40 Ton)
  • Non-destructive inspection and testing services (END)
  • Maintenance of electronic and pneumatic instrumentation
  • Maintenance of electrical substations
  • Services of Operation and Control for production units
  • Roads repair
  • Mechanical and Structural Integrity
  • Rehabilitation of Corrosion
  • Corrosion protection
  • Mechanical reinforcements

A History of Success

Sunergon has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas, mining, power and petrochemical industries. Our multidisciplinary product and service offerings help us offer comprehensive support to our clients. MRO is most effective when you choose a partner that understands the big picture of your operations.

Among mining, power, petrochemical and oil and gas field services companies, we stand out thanks to our broad and deep knowledge and insight. Here are a few select achievements for our team.

Our consistent success has earned us recognition in our industry. We are excited to put our expertise to work for your business.

More than 400 industrial projects executives

7 Million man/hours of accumulated experience​

Managed projects with up to 6,000 personnel involved

Stellar safety record

Our Certifications

Our projects

Our Services

As integral solutions specialists, we don’t limit our services to one specific task. Rather, we approach our clients’ needs holistically. To this end, we offer a range of services, including the following.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Our engineering, procurement and construction unit is your source for comprehensive industrial construction services.


This business unit handles our upstream operations including searching for underground resources, developing wells and producing unrefined oil and gas.

Maintenance, Repair & Operations

For heavy industry businesses like oil and gas refineries MRO is especially critical. In these circumstances, proper maintenance not only impacts operational uptime but also personnel safety.

Supply Chain Management

Developing oil and gas supply chain solutions is imperative, but without the right strategies, you may be expending funds and resources unnecessarily.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Our team of professionals supports all the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment and materials to ensure compliance with project specifications.


Sunergon is working to bring principles of environmental stewardship to our clients handling natural resources.
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